Rite Aid Haul – Money Maker Wet N Wild Cosmetics!

rite-aid-wet-n-wildMarie shared her Rite Aid haul from this week!

In case you missed it in the Rite Aid Matchups, there’s a +UP Reward running on Wet N Wild Cosmetics this week (ends Saturday, 4/12) – Spend $10 in participating Wet ‘n Wild Cosmetics, Get Back $3 +UP, Limit 2.

Wet N Wild Cosmetics are inexpensive as is, but they are also 40% OFF this week!  If you have some of the Wet N Wild coupons on hand, you can potentially get PAID to buy Wet N Wild.  Marie did!

Marie and her mom have been shopping all week, and she managed to get her hands on a LOT of Wet N Wild Coupons.  She sponsors several families at Christmas and uses items like this for the teenage girls.  Her haul above is extreme (that’s 48 items!), but here’s an abbreviated version…

BUY (5) Wet N Wild Items – $1.99 Each (before sale)
AND (7) Wet N Wild Items – $0.99 Each (before sale)
Subtotal before factoring in the 40% OFF  - $16.88
Less 40 % OFF Sale Price –  ($6.75)
Subtotal: $10.13
USED (10) $1.00/1 Wet N Wild or Fergie Product – 4-6-14 RP – (exp. 04/18/14)
Pay $0.13, Get Back $3 +UP Reward

She did have to pay tax.  That part will vary, depending on where you live.  Regardless, you should still walk out ahead!

I presented this deal all together to simplify it.  However, Rite Aid +UP Rewards DO track, so you can split your deal up into separate transactions and get the same result.  Some Rite Aid stores only allow 4 Like coupons per transaction (the Rite Aid coupon policy states that, so they should).

Most people will not have 10 coupons to do this exact deal.  If you were to do this same deal with NO COUPONS, you would still pay only $0.59 for each item, after +UP Rewards ($10.13, less $3 +UP = $7.13 for 12 items).  Obviously, the more coupons you have, the better your deal.

OR… if you have even just one coupon, the $0.99 items are ONLY $0.59 this week since they are 40% OFF.  You can at least get an item for FREE!

If you’re wanting to take advantage of this deal, remember it ENDS SATURDAY (4/12)!

Be sure and check out all the Rite Aid Deals HERE!  

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Today’s Haul – Brawny, Suave Kids, Granola Bars, Yogurt & Pasta!

shopping-haul-4-6I decided to make a quick loop this afternoon to grab a few items from my shopping list this week!

First, I picked up 22 FREE Brawny Paper Towels from Ralphs.  Then I grabbed 9 Money Maker Suave Kids from Target.

I also ran to Stater Bros for Quaker Granola Bars, more Muller Yogurt and Anthony’s Pasta!  Since I actually spent money at Stater Bros, I’ll break that deal down for you…

BUY (9) Quaker Big Chewy Granola Bars – $1.49 Each {wyb 4 participating items}
AND (7) Muller Yogurts – $0.50 Each {wyb 4 participating items}
AND (11) Anthony’s Pot Sized Pasta – $0.99 Each
Subtotal: $27.80
USED (9) $1.00/1 Quaker Big and Chewy Bars 3-23-14 RP – (exp. 05/03/14)
AND (1) $2.00/5 Muller Yogurts; DND – 3-2-14 RP – (exp. 04/30/14)
AND (11) $0.75/1 Anthony’s Pot Sized Pasta – 4-6-14 SS – (exp. 06/05/14)
= $8.55!

Such a beautiful site, for next to nothing!

My Target Trip actually ended up being a $5.54 Money Maker, so if I net the overage against my Stater Bros trip, I pretty much got everything in the picture for ONLY $3.01!!!

Did you shop today?  What did you get?

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My CVS Haul – Right Guard, Venus & Antacids ALL FREE!

cvs-haul-4-6I thought I’d share my CVS Haul from tonight!

I finished up the CVS Matchups, and I darted right out the door!  My store closes at 10 and I really wanted to get there tonight before all the deodorant and razors were gone. My store activates the new sale early, so I am able to shop BOTH sales on Saturday nights.  (You might check your store… several of the NON 24HR stores do activate early… the 24HR stores DO NOT.)

I got everything in the picture for FREE after Coupons and ECBs!  Here’s what my transaction looked like…

BUY (2) Right Guard Xtreme Clear Deodorant – $3.00 Each
AND (1) Venus Razor – $7.99
AND (4) CVS brand Flavor Chews Antacids, 12 ct – $1.49 Each
Subtotal: $19.95
USE (2) $2.00/1 Right Guard Xtreme Clear AP or Deodorant – 3-16-14 RP (exp. 04/13/14)
AND (1) $4.00/1 Venus Razor – 3-30-14 PG – (exp. 04/30/14)
Paid $11.95, Got Back $5 ECB (Venus), $2 ECB (Right Guard) and $5.96 ECB (Antacids)

The overage pretty much covered my tax… which was only $1.31.  I was very happy!

FYI – The CVS Flavor Chews Antacids are not advertised, but my store did have a sign on them with the details.  This is actually a MONTHLY ECB DEAL (Buy 1 for $1.49, Get Back $1.49 ECB), and the limit is 10 per card!  It runs through 4/26/14!  How crazy is that?  

Find all of this week’s CVS Deals HERE!


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Ralphs Mega Sale Haul – Spent $50.31 & Saved $138.61!

ralphs-mega-sale-haulHere’s my latest Ralphs Mega Sale Haul!

One of my littles asked for ‘breakfast for dinner’ tonight so I had to run to the store for bacon and more eggs.  Of course with an opening like that I decided to go to Ralphs for more Ralphs Mega Sale Deals!

Today I Spent $50.31 out of pocket and got back a $1.50 Catalina.  Per my receipt, I Saved $138.61!

Be sure and load this week’s Ralphs Coupons to your card if you haven’t already.  I have been so busy, I forgot until I set foot in the store today.  Thank goodness I remembered because I used them in this trip!

Here’s what I purchased today.  You can find more detail for the coupon matchups on the Ralphs Mega Sale list HERE.

Mega Sale Items (Each of these prices listed are AFTER the Mega Sale Discount of $1 per item)

  • (5) Skippy Peanut Butter – $1.49 Each  (No Coupons)
  • (8) Go-Gurt Yogurt 8 pk – $1.49 Each  (Used $1/1 Coupons)
  • (2) Cascadian Farm Organic Granola Bars – $1.99 Each  (Used $0.75/1 Coupons)
  • (2) Imagine Organic Broth – $1.49 Each (Used $1/1 Coupons)
  • (4) Classico  Pasta Sauce – $0.99 Each (Used $1.50/4 Coupon + Got the $1.50 Catalina)
  • (2) Sargento Cheese Snacks – $3.99 Each (Used $0.55/1 tearpads, found in store)
  • (1) Nature’s Harvest Bread – $1.49  {Careful – not all varieties are included. I forgot my coupon}
  • (2) Hansen’s Natural Apple Juice – $1.49 Each  (No Coupons)
  • (4) Crest Pro-Health for Me Toothpaste – $1.49 Each (Used $1/1 Coupons)

Non Mega Sale Items:

  • (2) Lean Cuisine Stuffed Pretzels – $0.50 Each (clearance)
  • (2) Ian’s Fish Sticks, Family Size – $1.50 Each (clearance)
  • (1) Eggland’s Best Eggs – $2.99 (Used $0.50/1 Coupon)
  • (1) Strawberries, 1 lb  -$2.50
  • 3.14 lbs Bananas – $2.17
  • 5.82 lbs Green Grapes – $8.46
  • 3 lb Halos Clementines – $5.99  (Used $0.50/1 Coupon)
  • (3) Farmland Bacon – $3.99 Each (Used $3/3 Coupon, found in store)
  • (4) M&M’s – $0.50 Each (Used B1G1 Coupons)
  • (3) Butterfinger Cups – $0.50 Each (Used $0.55/1 Coupons)

My total was over $100 before coupons, so my $10/$100 Ralphs Coupon came right off.  I also spent over $15 in produce so my $5 OFF Produce coupon also came off.  (Hence the reason I bought the strawberries and Halos… as they are both above my ‘buy’ price!)

My store had coupon books next to the Farmland Bacon.  Inside these books are COUPONS for $1/1, $2/2 and $3/3.  That made my bacon Only $2.99. I had some tearpad coupons for the candy – B1G1 on the M&M’s (made them $0.25) and $0.55/1 on the Butterfinger (those were FREE!).  For some reason my tax ended up being a negative $0.32.  I have no idea why.

All of the other coupons I used are main-stream and are in the Ralphs Mega Sale list HERE.

What did you get?

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My Ralphs Haul – $0.49 Go Gurt, FREE Reach Toothbrushes & More!

ralphs-mega-sale-haul-go-gurtI walked my Ralphs store this morning to check out the Ralphs Mega Sale!  I have a TON of unadvertised Mega Sale Deals that I will be adding to the list today.  I had a few coupons with me, so I picked up a few items while I was there.

FYI – I found the Reach Toothbrushes on sale for ONLY $1 today.  These are not included in the Mega Sale, but we do have an active $1/1 Reach Coupon… and FREE is FREE!  I was also very excited to find the Go-Gurts for ONLY $1.49 after the Mega Sale Discount.  My guys have been taking them to school for their snack.  It’s hard to beat $0.49 Go-Gurt!

Here’s what I did this morning!

BUY (5) Yoplait Go-Gurt – $1.49 {wyb 5 participating items}
AND:(3) Sara Lee Donuts – $1.49    {wyb 5 participating items}
AND (2) Ball Park Buns – $1.49 {wyb 5 participating items}
AND (1) Nature’s Harvest Bread – $1.49 {wyb 5 participating items}
AND (1) Pop Tarts 8 ct – $2.50
AND (4) Reach Toothbrushes – $1.00 Each
AND (8) M&M’s – $0.50 Each
AND 3.93 lbs Bananas – $2.71
Subtotal: $30.60, After Mega Savings (extra item in there… oops)
USED: FREE Pop Tarts Coupon from Ralphs mailer
AND (5) $1.00/1 Yoplait Go-Gurt or Yoplait Trix Multipack Yogurt – 3-16-14 SS (exp 05/10/14)
AND (4) $1.00/1 Reach Toothbrush; Excludes Crystal Clean – 1-26-14 SS (exp 05/03/14)
AND (4) B1G1 FREE Candy (tearpad coupons found in the store!)
AND: $0.55/1 Nature’s Harvest Bread (Zip Code 94701)
P aid $16.55

I saved $54.87, per my receipt!  I actually just realized that I bought an extra Mega Sale item, so I lost out on $1.  That’s ok… I’m sure it was those darn CINNAMON DONUTS that I added to my cart since I was doing all this on an empty stomach, lol!

Be sure to check the full Ralphs Mega Sale list before you shop.  I will be adding SEVERAL more unadvertised prices today!

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Target Household Purchase Coupon Haul – Cheap Clorox Wipes!

target-haul-household-itemsDid you find the AWESOME $20/$50 Target Household Purchase Coupon  in  your Target ad this week?  It’s on the inside of the back cover, in case you missed it.  (You can also get it via Target mobile offers if you Text “STOCKUP1″ to 827438!)

This is a NICE Coupon.  It’s a Target STORE coupon so you can STACK it with manufacture coupons.  There are several participating brands included in this deal, including Clorox, Pledge, Swiffer, Charmin, Bounty, Downy, All, Gain, Tide, Kleenex and more.  You can find a full list of included items right on the coupon – mix and match to meet your household needs!

I knew as soon as I got this coupon what I was going to use it on!  My family has been invaded by GERMS over the last few weeks… and they are all coming home from Kindergarten!  I sent ALL of these Clorox wipes to Kindergarten this morning with my trio.

Here’s what my transaction looked like…

BUY (20) Clorox Wipes 35 ct – $2.37 Each
AND (1) Clorox Wipes 3 pk, 105 ct total – $4.99 
Subtotal: $52.39
USED  $20/$50 Target Coupon (In-ad or via Mobile)
AND (4) $5/5 Clorox Products (Tearpad coupons)
AND (1) $1/1 Clorox Wipes 105 ct+ (Tearpad coupon)
= $11.39 ($0.49 per tub)

I had a friend share the $5/5 Coupons with me, which totally made my day, and this deal.  

I would love to hear what you did!  Be sure to share in the comments!

You can still take advantage of this $20 Target Coupon through Tomorrow – 3/8/14!

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My Vons Haul – Spent $13.54, Saved $93.04!

vons-haul-nivea-catalina-cheap-cereal-nature-valley-fruit-snacksI made a quick run to Vons (Pavilions) today to take advantage of some of the stock up deals!  My Vons Haul has a few of my favorite deals from the ad this week.  All of these are available through Tuesday 2/25.  I will probably be going back before this sale ends.  I am trying to help a local church that just opened up a food pantry, and these are awesome prices!

My store has a 2-3 Like Coupon rule per transaction, so I broke it up into 2 transactions (2 identical transactions, only I did the Nivea in one).  For illustration purposes I’ll show it all together.  I noticed that one of my boxes of Pop Tarts was missing from my picture… wonder how that happened!?!?

BUY (4) Cocoa Puffs – $1.49 Each (wyb 4 participating items)
AND (4) Special K Cereal – $1.99 Each (wyb 4 participating items)
AND (4) Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks – $0.99 Each
(wyb 4 participating items)
AND (4) Pop Tarts 12 ct – $1.99 Each (wyb 4 participating items)
AND (4) Nature Valley Granola Bars – $1.49 Each (wyb 4 participating items)
AND (4) Progresso Vegetable Classics Soups – $1.25 Each
AND (6) Nivea Lip Balm – $0.99 Each
Subtotal: $42.74
USED: (4) $1/1 General Mills Cereal (Blinkie coupons)
AND (2) $1/2 Kellogg’s Special K Cereal (From Kellogg’s Family Rewards for redeeming codes!)
AND (2) $1.10/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
AND (4) $1.25/1 Nature Valley (1/5 SS Insert)
AND (4) $1/1 Progresso Soup (1/5 SS Insert)
AND (3) $3/2 Nivea Lip Balm (2/9 RP Insert) – All $9 deducted!
Paid $16.54, Got Back $3 Catalina (Nivea)
= Net $13.54!

Per my receipts, I saved $93.04!  I didn’t have my Pop Tarts coupons with me, but there are some in the 2/2 RP insert.  (My 2 older boys were with me so there was no way I was leaving the store without Pop Tarts!)


There’s a Nivea, Nivea Men, Eucerin, and Aquaphor Products Catalina running at several stores (including Vons/Pavilions) through 3/4.  This offer is actually supposed to be a Spend $10, Get Back a $3 Catalina deal.  However, it appears to be triggering on these Nivea Lip Balms based on the price BEFORE the club card savings (thanks, Gianinna!).  I tested the deal today, and sure enough My $3 Catalina printed.  The Catalina (should) work when you purchase (4) since the pre-club price is $2.99.  I didn’t find any confirmation one way or the other on this so I just bought 6 since I had seen that work (and I had 3 coupons with me).  Even if you don’t get your Catalina, they are still FREE!  Be sure and watch the tags on these… as you can see from the picture, some are NOT on sale for $0.99.  (Mine were also hard to find.  I ended up finding them at the checkstand!)

My kiddos have been asking me for lip balm, and since they are all boys these ‘Milk & Honey’ (not pink) lip balms are perfect!  And… if you are going to pay me to take them out of the store (I made $6 on these today)… THANK YOU!

Be sure to check out the rest of the Vons Deals Here!

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Reader Shopping Trip – Marie’s Albertsons Haul!

ScreenHunter_1561 Feb. 03 23.08Today is the LAST DAY to take advantage of the great deals at Albertsons this week!  I thought I would share Marie’s Albertsons Haul, because it’s awesome!  She paid ONLY $14.54 for all of this after coupons and the mega sale discount!

Marie did 2 identical transactions with the following items:

  • 5 Knorr Sides
  • 1 Essential Everyday Utensils
  • 1 Powerade Zero
  • 3 S & W beans
  • 6 Totinos Pizza Rolls
  • 3 Sargento Cheese
  • 4 Planters Peanut Butter

In each transaction she used the Albertsons $5/$25 coupon.  Note – this coupon is ‘beeping’ in the SoCal Albertsons stores.  Most cashiers are allowing it, but just a word of warning that it does beep.

You can find the rest of the coupons and matchups HERE

Thanks, Marie!

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Colgate Power Toothbrushes – ONLY $1 At CVS (Or Possibly FREE)!

colgate-power-toothbrush-cvsIf you missed it in this week’s CVS matchups, we can get Colgate Power Toothbrushes for ONLY $1 this week!  There’s an ECB promotion running this week – Spend $12, Get Back $6 ECB (Limit 1).  The Colgate Battery powered toothbrushes are included in this deal!

I was really excited to do this deal today because my littles LOVE these toothbrushes, and one of ours was eaten by the dog and another somehow landed in the toilet.  Needless to say it was time to buy new ones!

BUY (2) Colgate Battery Powered Toothbrushes – $6.00 Each
USE (2) $2.00/1 Colgate Powered Toothbrush – 1-19-14 SS (exp. 02/08/14)
Pay $8.00, Get Back $6 ECB
= $1.00 Each, After ECB

free-colgate-power-toothbrush-cvsBe sure to scan your Extra Care card at the red box on your way in!  If you are lucky enough to get one of these CVS Coupons you can get 2 for FREE!

BUY (2) Colgate Battery Powered Toothbrushes – $6.00 Each
Subtotal $12.00
USE: $2 OFF Any $10 Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Floss or Mouthwash CVS Coupon
AND (2) $2.00/1 Colgate Powered Toothbrush – 1-19-14 SS (exp. 02/08/14)
Pay $6.00. Get Back $6 ECB

Be sure to check out all of the CVS Deals HERE!

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My Walgreens Haul – $0.45 Dial Hand Soap, $0.75 Capri Sun!

walgreens-dial-capri-sunThere are some great deals going on at Walgreens this week!

I ran in quickly this morning and thought I would highlight a couple of my favorite deals.  I picked up my $0.50 Dial Hand Soap and my $0.75 Capri Sun!

dial-hand-soap-walgreensThe Dial Foaming Hand Soap is B1G1 FREE this week, and it’s on Sale for ONLY $2!  Combined the $1/2 Dial Coupon and that makes them ONLY $0.50!

BUY (2) Dial Complete Foaming Hand Soaps – B1G1 ($2.00)
USE: $1.00 off any 2 DIAL COMPLETE Foaming Hand Soaps
= $0.50 Each!

Since this offer isn’t tied to any rewards, there’s no limit on this deal… but my guess is they will sell out quickly at this price!  And FYI, I bought 4 and I got 200 points back on this deal too!  It must be included in the Winter Beauty Event (Scan the in-ad coupon and you earn 50 points for each $1 you spend on participating items)!  I got my Dial Soap for ONLY $0.45!

The Capri Sun is on Sale 2/$4.00 and you’ll get 1000 Points back when you purchase 2.  We have a coupon for that too, making them ONLY $0.75!

BUY (2) Capri Sun, 10 pk – 2/$4.00
USE: $1.50/2 Capri Sun Products (Zip Code 03103)
Pay $2.50, Get 1000 Points (=$1.00)
= $0.75 Each, After Points!

I spent $7.00 out of pocket on my trip today and got back 2200 points (=$2.20), or a net of $4.80.  Not bad!

Be sure to check out all of the Walgreens Deals HERE!

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